MIS Courses: MIS 330

MIS 330 has begun to kick into high gear.  We have continued to dive into the world of Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs).  After reading and analyzing a given case study, we build the accompanying ERD.  Our ERDs have advanced from simple entities to include attributes, keys (primary, foreign and even composite), and relationships of various degrees.  In building our ERDs, we utilize Microsoft Visio 2013 to create professional looking diagrams with easy user-interface. 

                The world of database querying, SQL, and SQL Server are really opening up to us as well.  We are now to the point where we can make more complex queries.  We can make use of the SELECT, FROM, and WHERE statements.  The wildcard operators are a new concept that we are exploring as well.  It has been fun to see how the learning of SQL meshes with our progress within ERDs and data modeling.  It is also beginning to be apparent how our work in CS 220 with Object Oriented Programming will mesh in as well later in the semester.

                The past few week have hectic.  The infamous Snowpocalypse ’14 put everything here at the University on hold for several days.  Add in 2 other additional days of cancelled classes due to inclement weather, and we have got ourselves a real mess.  Our first test is coming up, having already been delayed one class period.  The use of our online class resource Piazza has been very instrumental this semester, especially in allowing us to stay somewhat on track despite the constant efforts of the ever indecisive Alabama weather.  Not only is Piazza a great resource for homework files and other useful links, but the built in Q&A Forum has been a lifeline that many of us turn to when faced with a serious software issue or simply a basic homework question.  Students, TAs and Professor Doherty himself all interact through the Q&A to help each other along.

                Though we anxiously study in anticipation of the impending Exam #1, we all look forward to making steps ahead in MIS 330 and seeing what the rest of the semester has in store (hopefully no more state-crippling storms).  


Posted by Matthew Gambril


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