Lowe’s Innovation Tracking

This semester the Lowe’s capstone team is partnering with the innovation department at Lowe’s to develop a solution to better house important project data, while also reducing the workload of the project management officer (PMO). Currently, within the innovation department at Lowe’s, the (PMO) is tasked with the arduous process of transferring, updating, and creating reports from an excel spreadsheet which currently houses the high-level data of all projects in Lowe’s innovation division. Therefore, Lowe’s corporate has tasked the capstone team with creating a contemporary and visually stimulating website which will house all vital project information. Also included in this website will be user permissions which will allow each individual project manager to update their project information while allowing the PMO to serve as a site administrator, who can oversee all projects.

Following weeks of site design and functionality brainstorming, the capstone team has moved into Sprint 1 of the agile product life-cycle. In this sprint, the team will develop an aesthetically pleasing website homepage while also creating certain site functionally. In addition, by using the Agile project development methodology, the capstone team will be able to better hone in on the features that Lowe’s hopes to incorporate into their website.


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