Programming with Pizza

After several weeks of ambiguity, “just wait and see,” and “it really depends” from professors, it is so great to finally have a clear idea of what is expected of us right now.  Since the first day of class, Professors Hooper and Tribble made our introduction to computer programming easy by explaining concepts in such a clear and simple way.  Let’s be honest with ourselves; Even though the lectures, quizzes, and the labs weren’t that bad, we were all worried about when we would start “the real thing” and if we were going to be able to handle it.

The wait is finally over! Reading assignments, IPO charts, and Microsoft Visual Studio installation CDs lay scattered around our apartments and dorm rooms.  We have finished our first, albeit simple, program in C++.  Just one month ago, many of us had no idea how to declare variables and constants or what on earth cout and cin mean to a computer.  Today, we have our first program. Not one we watched Hooper type out while we copied his ideas.  We now have a program that allows us to input the radius of a pizza and calculate the number of even slices of pizza we can cut out of it.

Where do we go from here? Onward and upward! We’ve got some of the basics down, but we have so much more to learn and so much more practice to put into programming.  We’re all looking forward to creating what we deem more important or useful programs.  I mean come on now, I work at Papa John’s, but even I don’t need a program to tell me how many slices to cut.  As we keep learning, let’s remember to stay connected with each other, helping each other learn and practice, and sharpening each other’s skills by sharing ideas and experiments.  I’m excited to see where else this program takes us.

Jennifer (Jenny) Lee


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