MIS Courses: MIS 295

Over the past few weeks, students in D. Hale’s MIS 295 class have been exposed to what MIS really is. Before entering, it was unclear as to what our career fields would translate to. Would we be using computers all day? Coding? Would our communication and organization skills be tested? All of these answers were enigmas and, to an extent still are. Thankfully, we have had a little exposure to what will be require of us in the 295 class and for the rest of our time here. It looks like it will be a hard path, but one full of adventure and excitement that will transcend into the careers that we all hope for.

In the class, we have been exposed to what is required of an MIS student. We have used SharePoint to access various assignments that we have to pass in the class to move on. We have gone through three assignments so far, and have a grace period to make up the assignments if we did not pass the first time. We have learned a lot about resumes and what is expected of us. A lot of upper level MIS students have offered some wise words to us about the program and advice for the future as well! Our first project has been assigned, and teams are forming quickly as we prepare for our first initiation into the world of MIS.


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