Capstone Experience: The Home Depot

This semester, The Home Depot (TDH) team is creating an application that will track the location of the store associates’ FIRST Phones, and store these locations in a database. Currently, THD employees are having trouble keeping up with their FIRST Phones, and are consequently losing these devices. In order to help avoid this problem, and to also improve resource efficiency, a tracking application is being created. It will utilize store access points and use triangulation.

After spending a few weeks in the “Plan” phase of the project, the next phase, “Analyze”, has begun. The team was able to travel to THD headquarters in the Atlanta area and meet with the sponsors with whom the project is being conducted. Not only was it helpful to have questions answered and receive feedback, but it was also neat to for the team to see the facilities and gain a better understanding of the company as a whole from an insiders’ perspective.

Written By: Wes Owens


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