MIS Courses: MIS 340

Our teacher, Dr. Hogan shares with us a wealth of knowledge, and experience about computers, and specifically how they interact with themselves, and with each-other. After spending the first two weeks of class learning about the technical details of computers, the MIS 340 class has moved on to learning about data deletion, and recovery.

For example, when data is deleted from the Windows operating system, the data is not actually removed. Instead, that data is flagged by the operating system so that it can be overwritten. Even when this data is overwritten, metadata (data about this data) can still be kept on the computer, leaving a trace of what was there in the past. The data flagged for deletion may also stay addressed in the RAM (random access memory) until the computer is powered down, or until it is overwritten. The point of this information is that even when data is “deleted” it never completely leaves.

Stephen Garber, MIS Junior


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