CS 220

In CS 220, professor Ed Hassler’s goal is to examine the basics of designing and constructing object-oriented and event-driven business applications, and related problem decomposition techniques. By using the C# language and the Visual Studios compiler along with the Programming Logic and Design comprehensive text book, CS 220 is designed to enhance, not only the students ability to create working programs, but also to focus on building professional, correctly structured, and functional programs that enhance our ability to enter the workplace as competent and qualified individuals.


The first three weeks of CS 220 started as a review and introduction period. Professor Hassler went over things like variable, loop, and function types, many of which were covered in CS 120, while introducing the class to new material as well. The first assignment was a basic program that ensured the class had Visual Studios working on their computers. This assignment mimicked the famous “Hello World” assignment, but instead this program was to output “Show Me The Money.” Secondly, the class was given the task to make a cash register-like program that introduced the list function, while also reviewing some concepts learned in CS 120. While it is a mystery if the professor Hassler’s money themed programs will continue, the CS 220 class will continue learning about concepts of Object Oriented Programming throughout the upcoming weeks. 


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