MIS Courses: MIS 320

The first two weeks of school are usually notorious for being slow, but we haven’t wasted any time in MIS 320. Brett Coburn, our professor, gave us an introduction to the class on the first day, and ever since we’ve gone straight into coding and assignments. Aided by some weekly online readings, our class has been learning about Entity Framework and how to apply it in a hands-on situation. We’ve covered many of the basics already, recently going through how to use migrations in a project.

Our current assignment is to set up a basic blog entry system in which the user can create a blog, write posts for the blog, and assign authors to each post. All of these changes are reflected in a SQL database or a LocalDB thanks to Entity Framework. The beginnings of the project can be found here –http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/jj193542. Our job has been to add an author to the mix and create a menu system for the entire thing. Once we’re done with this, Professor Coburn will continue to take us deeper into the new functionality we now have with Entity Framework.

Logan Tarbox, MIS Sophomore


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