MIS 340


Management Information Systems 340 “Data Communications and Networks” is taught by Dr. Bob Hogan. This class gives students the opportunity to learn about the basics of issues related to data communications and networking for Global Business Operations. The 3 different tests help divide up the class into 3 main headlines:  Main computer components, The Internet stack, and Network Security.

The first section of the class has taught us all about how PC’s work and what major components go into a computer. We learned about PC operations, how and where data is saved, and different configurations. The knowledge learned in this section is very valuable weather you are trying to acknowledge a PC start up error or trying to help your uncle decide what computer is best for his needs. In the second test period we learned about the Internet stack. We learned about the different layers and relating protocols that go into sending and receiving messages. The knowledge learned in this section will be very valuable going forward in our Information Systems careers. Much of the information learned helps give students a look into capstone as well as preparing us for potential interview questions if and when they occur. The third and final section is entitled Network Security. We are currently learning about ways to make our networks secure for the longest time possible and how to acknowledge “Hackers”.  Dr. Hogan often jokes that the only safe computer is one unplugged and locked away in a brick room. All together this class has given me a better understanding and visual of the technologies that we work with on a daily basis. I feel like I am better prepared and ready for an internship as well as the capstone project since taking this class.


Phil Hampy- Second Semester Junior 


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