MIS 330: Managing Big Data in an Ever Growing Technical World

In MIS 330, students learn the importance and application of database management. The technological world is expanding. Meaning, more people are spending more time on the internet every day. In the past twelve years the number of internet users has grown from 360 million to a staggering 2.5 billion . And data is being collected every time someone searches something on Google, composes a post on Twitter, or clicks their mouse on nearly any given webpage.

In addition, businesses are beginning to recognize that all of the data collected from their customers can be applied in ways never thought possible before. Wikibon’s own study projects that big data will be a $50 billion business by 2017. So what does one do with all of that data?

The answer is easier said than done. We learn to manage all of that data in databases. We simplify, organize, and mine the data to convert it into easily attainable information. In this way, analysts can extract information from the data to promote better business practices and improve sales.

As one can see, database management is no easy task. It is a complicated puzzle which requires a certain skill set and level of understanding to truly be successful. Thus managing big data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable in the world today. And in MIS 330 students learn the essentials of database management with a strong focus on good practices and habits. 


Wikibon(Aug 1, 2012). A Comprehensive List of Big Data Statistics [Website Post]. Retrieved from http://wikibon.org/blog/big-data-statistics/


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