MIS 320: Could probably code HTML circles around everyone else

This semester in MIS 320: Application & Information Architecture, our class has already been through the basics of HTML and Javascript and has begun testing our skills using MVC. Every computer science class thus far has served as a reminder that the world of computer programming is overwhelmingly wide and ever expanding. MIS 320 has, however, made quick work of this efficient and neatly organized method of webpage and form construction.

MVC revisits concepts we already mastered in MIS 330 — yes, you do run into ERDs again! — allowing a website to give a user access to a database while keeping its information secure. Using models, controllers and views, a website can handle the needs of the user, who interacts with the interface or view, and the programmer, whose logic and code is kept in the model. The controller manages the communication between the model and view.

So far we have tested these concepts with a test, short weekly quizzes, and a semester-long group project with deliverable portions due every couple of weeks. This group project applies the knowledge we’ve gained about MVC construction, and that of HTML and Javascript, combined to create a website that will ease the process of making advising appointments in the MIS program.

The website will simplify appointment creation, modification, and deletion, as well as offering customization options of appointment length, type, and reminder notification means. HTML will also dress it up, making it a sight for sore eyes during the oft-dreaded course selection weeks. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s going to be pretty great and other departments will probably resent us.

MIS 320 looks forward to dazzling everyone with our impressive skills and our ability to be, to new programming languages, like fish to water.


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