Capstone Experience: Unum Team

This semester our UA Capstone Team has been working with Unum’s Innovation Center. The UA Capstone team was tasked with identifying the usefulness and feasibility of utilizing short videos for educational implementations. In addition, the Capstone team was tasked with developing a pilot site, which includes feedback functionality to gauge the interest and effectiveness of short educational videos. The team consists of Scott Sennett, Emily Jackson, Jordan Clements, John Powers, and our project manager Taylor Konkel.

This is an atypical project, because instead of focusing on full life cycle development, it relies heavily on the research and analysis aspect of consulting. One of the central focal points of our project is a business case for the future system. This will be delivered to Unum, demonstrating the costs and benefits of the proposed system.

Along with the delivery of a pilot site and business case, the Capstone team has produced a white paper. This paper examines the psychology behind multimedia learning while also displaying artifacts for video best practices.

In conclusion, our project will allow Unum to gauge both interest and utility of short educational videos. This will allow Unum to make a more educated and rapid decision whether to go forward with implementing the short video solution.


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