Capstone Experience: Regions Financial Corporation

Greetings! This semester our capstone team has had the opportunity to work on a project with Regions Financial Corporation to create a Data Lineage and Glossary Tool. Our team members consist of Andrew Crain, Haley Bryan, Malcolm Griggs, Robert Lewis, and Maxwell Rivers. Our project manager is James Tolar.

Founded in 1971, Regions Financial Corporation is Alabama’s first multibank holding company, and the 24th largest bank in the United States. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, regions currently ranks as one of the top 10 U.S. based banks with approximately 1,700 branches and 2,400 ATMs across a sixteen state network in the South, Midwest, and Texas. As of now, Regions Financial Corporation doesn’t have a defined system or solution to handle the company’s data access and visibility needs across the business. In order to get sensitive data needed to run reports and make better informed business decisions, Regions management must obtain the information from a data specialist via phone.

As a solution we will be implementing an MVC 4 web application and a SQL Server database to create the Data Linage and Glossary Tool. The Data Linage and Glossary Tool will give the currently blind non-data business users access to metadata definitions and information such as business rule explanations and visual data processes. This allows the non-technical business users to understand what the data means, how it communicate it with the rest of the business, and how data is transformed during these processes. Upon completion of the project, the UA Capstone Team will deliver the Data Lineage and Glossary Tool to Regions, who will be responsible for implementing additional source systems as they see fit.

The value of our solution is two-fold. It will collectively save Regions an abundant amount of time across all areas and departments within their business by providing a standardized system and process to obtain information instead of having to physically call a data specialist. We are also providing new visibility of the client’s internal data to all relevant stakeholders. We are excited to be working with Regions and we are looking forward to handing off an awesome solution as the semester comes to an end!


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