Capstone Experience: Randall-Reilly Team

This semester our Capstone team has had the exciting opportunity to work on a project with Randall-Reilly Publishing Company. Our team members are Anthony Rodriguez, Emily Thomas, Tyler Cohen, Detrick McCray, Nick Bertanzetti, and our project manager is James Ludwig.

Randall Reilly is a company based in Tuscaloosa that focuses on data, media, and marketing services for clients primarily in the trucking, trucking recruiting, and construction industries. Through these three services RR provides online advertisements and delivers reports to their customers containing a number of different metrics regarding the return on investment of their ad campaign.

The problem facing Randall Reilly is their current reporting process which is very manual and inefficient. As it stands now, for a client to request a report, they have to reach out to their sales representative who then has to contact the performance marketing group at Randall Reilly. The performance marketing group then has to pull the requested reporting information from a number of different systems and compile the information into a report. This process can take anywhere from a number of days to a week.

Our project is pretty cool because we are co-developing the solution to this problem with the Randall-Reilly development team. They are working on building a report dashboard which will serve as the centralized location where sales representatives can view all the different reporting metrics for a given clients ad campaign. Our solution is called the Ad Report Composer, and it enables the sales representatives to select each requested report from the dashboard, add them to a queue, and then compile it all into a branded PDF report.

Our solution will serve to streamline the reporting process and increase the customer service efficiency at Randall-Reilly by cutting down on the reporting lag time of up to a week down to a matter of minutes.

The Capstone team has been in the thick of the build phase for a month now, and we are currently learning how to use JSON to pass the report objects from the Dashboard to the Composer. We have learned a lot this semester and are looking forward to delivering the finished product in December!


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