Capstone Experience: Lowe’s

This semester our UA Capstone Team has the privilege of working with Lowe’s IT Innovation and Mobility Team. The problem they are facing is the current customer process. As it stands now, it is primarily manual, entails numerous steps and estimation generation is time consuming. Our goal for this project is to improve the Lowe’s customer’s project estimation experience, and to engage the customers in new styles of planning projects.  While our target customer is the “creator/innovator” we plan to deliver something that will engage all customers. By accomplishing this goal, we can provide Lowe’s with the value of gaining competitive market advantage, growth, sales and customer satisfaction.  A few things that we will be doing in regards to our project is taking on the role of actual DIY customers and going to various Lowe’s to gain the in-store experience with employees first hand. Through these observations and findings, we will be able to propose a process in our recommendations, that Lowe’s can use in order to better engage customers. 

 Upon completion of the project, the UA Capstone Team will deliver the DIY Innovation to Lowe’s, who will be responsible for implementing and supporting the solution, as well as any new features. Due to our NDA agreement we have with Lowe’s, our team is limited in telling what those features and additions might be. However, they will be provided to them through documentations that include wireframes and other various mockups and illustrations that further support our recommendations. The UA Capstone Team will also be responsible for delivering all necessary documentation related to the project.


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