Capstone Experience: AutoZone Team

This semester the University of Alabama Capstone Team will partner with AutoZone in creating a new company Project Request System. The majority of this project work will take place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but with some on site meetings at AutoZone’s corporate headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee. The Project Request System will be used to not only track the budgeting for AutoZone project’s, but project progress as well.

The current Project Request System at AutoZone is performed in Lotus Notes, and has many ways of being greatly improved. The task for this UA Capstone team will be to migrate this to new technology to enable efficient project request management and initialization. The UA Capstone Team also has the opportunity to analyze the current system and deliver a detailed recommendation and design for a future AutoZone Project Request System. With limited configurability and functionality in the current Lotus Notes System the UA Capstone Team will also have the chance to implement a new manual project proposal process upon completion. This exciting project opportunity gives the UA Capstone Team a chance to integrate all proposed projects into one system for easier approval; adding business value to both AutoZone and the Project Team this semester.


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