Capstone Experience: AutoZone Team

We, the AutoZone team, are checking in to provide an update on the progress of our project.  Since our last blog, we are communicating and creating extensive documentation aim to deliver value to our client. We are currently wrapping up the definitions phase to deliver a detailed overview of the project`s requirements and constraints. At the end of the definition phase, our business plan, project roadmap, and proof of concepts will be brought before the steering committee for further approval of funds.

Our team’s recent trip to Memphis included a meeting with the human resources department, enterprise architects, and CIO Ron Griffin. During this meeting, we established the definition
phase deliverables, finalized requirements, reviewed architecture principles, and determined deadlines of delivery for steering committee approval. We undertook on-site training to help
us format our documentation that would fit AutoZone’s standards. This was accomplished by studying an on-going project’s documentation at AutoZone and applying those principles to our project.

In the remaining month of the school semester, we as a team are responsible for creating the deliverables needed to complete the definition phase. These deliverables consist of storyboards, conceptual data models, conceptual service models, system modules, and a system diagram.  We will also continue to have our scheduled bi-weekly client conference calls to ensure we are meeting AutoZone’s standards and to keep the project green-lit.


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