Capstone Experience: UA Athletics Team

UA Athletics team here, checking in to provide an update on the progress of our project. Since our last blog entry, we have made significant strides toward meeting our client’s needs. The biggest development comes from our decision, based on the recommendation of our client, to utilize SharePoint Designer to create the solution. This decision will allow the new Charitable Donation Request System to incorporate easily with UA Athletics’ current system as a sub-site of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics’ SharePoint site.

Our team’s development choice has allowed us to format a SharePoint list to hold all unique requests, along with their corresponding request information, made to UA Athletics. From this list, we have been able to format unique views for each of the stakeholders in the request fulfillment process to be able to view request data pertinent only to their interest and responsibility in this process. From this comprehensive list, we have also been able to generate specific value-adding reports for UA Athletics’ employees to read and analyze. While the utilization of SharePoint has brought about high efficiency concerning our project’s progress as well as great value to UA Athletics, it has also brought about some issues that would not be present with custom development.

An issue that we are currently working to resolve is that of site security. Without the use of profile management, which our client discouraged, there is no innate way to assign a permission to those accessing to make a request that would disallow them from viewing any page in the Charity Request SharePoint sub-site. We have done extensive research on methods by which to add the desired level of security to the site and believe we have found a solution that will meet all security-related requirements and expectations. As time and resources are not allowing us to test this method until after spring break, we look forward to the opportunity to confirm our beliefs, clear this hurdle, and continue to improve our solution until its completion and delivery.

-Jake Shubert


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