Capstone Experience: P&G Team

We are the P&G Mobile Field Sales Support Team, which consists of Alix Howell, Jason Simmons, Rodney Blanding, Chris Honeycutt, Will Hall, and Ben Patrick. P&G, as many of you may know, is a Fortune 500 international consumer goods company. P&G has approached our team with the task of increasing the effectiveness of their mobile field sales support process. Mobile field sales support is the process of providing extensive technical support to in-field sales associates who use mobile selling devices such as iPads. Our goal is to discover a simple way to provide this support in a way that creates significant value with minimal costs.

Recently, our team has been doing widespread research and benchmarking of existing support models in addition with custom SharePoint and Drupal designs. In order to understand the different users’ opinions of how current solutions operate as well as how a perfect system should function, we have been conducting numerous interviews with external and internal industry employees to collect useful feedback. Along with the user feedback and the benchmarking results, we have constructed a Solution Implementation Timeline that draws out all of our tasks and deadlines to be accomplished during the span of this project.

Additionally, at the request of our project sponsor, we will implement a functional pilot of the proposed support system. In order to do this, we must first decide on the route we will take; second, determine the design specifications; and lastly, finalize the implementation. Obviously, our biggest hurdle is to allocate the appropriate amount of time with the end of the academic semester approaching quickly. Luckily, Drupal, which is free open-source software we have decided to utilize in our solution, can be quickly implemented and has robust features and functionality. Additionally, we have unique opportunities to leverage expertise internal to the MIS program to get our solution up and running quickly and smoothly. We look forward to delivering P&G with a detailed plan on implementing our pilot to provide their mobile field sales team with a convenient sales support system.


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