Capstone Experience: Nucor Team

The spring 2013 Nucor Steel team has been quickly progressing since our last update, and things have been running relatively smoothly. The team has had several meetings with Nucor at their office here in Tuscaloosa and has been able to smooth out any inconsistencies through face-to-face interaction with the system’s potential users. The team suited up in protective gear in late February to participate in a complete tour of Nucor’s facilities where they produce discrete plate, temper plate, and hot rolled coils.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was essential to the team’s understanding of where the application fit within the full spectrum of the steel production.

The team is currently in the build phase of the project and the application is starting to take shape. Due to a few bits of outdated technology, the team has been set back during their build but is beginning to make headway on several key pieces of functionality. The current functionalities that have been implemented include a pair of data tables, which pull in chemistry reports, and a handful of administrative controls for the Nucor IT team to use to make sure the project is scalable.

With six weeks left, the team feels that they are in a good position on the project. Daniel and the team are confident that they can deliver on all of the functionality of the project, as well as complete testing and debugging to make sure everything runs properly once implemented on Nucor’s servers.

-Max Silliman


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