MIS Intramurals: Basketball Team

Who said a bunch of I.T. nerds couldn’t be competitive at intramural basketball? During the 2013 UA intramural basketball regular season, our MIS Athletics team was constantly tested and
underestimated by opposing teams, yet time after time we rose to the occasion. We finished the regular season undefeated, gaining the respect of our fallen foes and earning a power ranking of 6th among all intramural basketball teams heading into the playoffs. In one of the biggest upsets this campus has ever seen, in any sporting event, the MIS Athletics’ playoff run was ended abruptly; we played our worst game of the season and they played the game of their lives.

Win or lose, I am proud of the way we played together as a team and had each other’s backs.  Our dedication was unparalleled, from drawing up expert plays in practice, plays that John Wooden himself couldn’t come up with, to eating dinner on the bench during a game because there was no time to eat in between working hard in the classroom and playing hard on the courts. On a more personal note, I am glad I made the decision to play my first season of MIS Athletics basketball because not only was I getting involved and having fun, I was also developing relationships with fellow MIS students, some of which I would never have gotten to meet had it not been for MIS basketball.

-Zakery Mozejko, MIS 330 student



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