Capstone Experience: Meyer-Chatfield Team

The Meyer-Chatfield team has been working hard over the past two months. With our Philadelphia-based client, Meyer-Chatfield, we are utilizing the Campaign module of SugarCRM, an open-source customer relationship management tool. The Campaign Module allows users to create multiple, mass marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the company’s different products. Additionally, to track users’ progression through the sales cycle, and the return on investment per customer, the module helps sort potential customers through target lists. With these solutions, Meyer-Chatfield will be able to reduce the time it takes for a customer to transition through the Sales Cycle from 36 to 18 months.

Using the information gathered in our many conference calls and client meetings, we are approaching the development phase of our project. On March 6, we had our second on-site client meeting, where we received final approval on the scope and requirements of the project. We have been analyzing many different avenues for Meyer-Chatfield and have planned out a campaign that we will be implementing within SugarCRM. Over the next few weeks, we will be finalizing all research efforts and developing the campaign we have worked all semester to map out. Simultaneously, we will be working to develop training manuals to ease user adoption and to aid Meyer-Chatfield both in further developing the campaign and in implementing new campaigns.



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