Capstone Experience: dunnhumby Team

Hello! We are the dunnhumbyUSA team and we are working to create a mash-up web application. Our team began with five members, but recently we added a sixth member as well as a new Project Manager. The team has been working together to provide guidance and support for the new members as we make progress on our project.

Our goal for this semester is to provide dunnhumbyUSA with a web-based, mobile-accessible dashboard application. The tool will give users a broad view of company and industry outlooks through a rich, streamlined Metro UI experience. Additionally, the tool will enable client leads to better anticipate client needs and make proactive recommendations regarding marketing and/or consumer analysis.

After the first week as a team, we had the opportunity to host our clients in Tuscaloosa and discuss high-level project requirements. We presented wireframes of how we envisioned the dashboard. In return, they provided the team with feedback on what information they felt was most relevant to inspire client leads in making innovative decisions.

Our next step as the project moves forward is to research sources of information vital to the parameters set by dunnhumbyUSA. Also, the team is looking into ways of integrating external data into the user interface. We are excited to be working with dunnhumbyUSA and look forward to seeing this concept to the finish!


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