MIS 330: ERDs

This blog may be getting out a bit late, but its value should not be diminished. I can happily report that the entire class is a bunch of nERDs and like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back , the SQL is strong with us. Robin Buell has been admirably teaching us ERDs and SQL without the aid of any textbooks, which makes class attendance all the more important for any of those who have been seeing the class as optional. Admittedly, ERDs are a difficult concept to master and the grading is tough. Seriously, they (Allison, Rodney, and occasionally Robin if she needs to I suppose) grade our ERD homework more rigidly than Three Michelin Star Master Sushi Chef Jiro Ono grades his sushi ingredients. However, when you create a proper ERD it, like Jiro’s sushi, is sublimely amazing. Our current SQL escapades are still in their relative infancy stage, but other than having to be on campus to use the MIS 330 database, unless you use the correct VPN, it has been a pretty pain-free and educational experience.

We have taken one test thus far, and it covered nothing but ERDs. From the groans before and after the test, and Robin’s exasperated sighs in handing them back we did not perform up to perfection. Now, we are getting to use our collective knowledge on these topics on team projects about application and database design for an apartment complex. I hope everyone gets their first deliverable in on time.

Tyler Sagan out!




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