CS 120: Loops, Arrays, and Structs

Considering that this semester is the first introduction to programming for many of the students in class, CS 120 has proven to be an exciting yet challenging learning experience. Sure, there is a small cluster of CBH students and the occasional computer engineering transfer scattered throughout the room, but there is also the large portion of others who spent the first several weeks of class frantically trying to understand: loops, arrays, structs, input from console, output to file, overloads, etc. And as for the several of us whose computer experience was limited to Facebook, MyBama, and Google at the beginning of this semester, nothing beats that adrenaline rush of seeing those beautiful words, “Hello World,” on the console for the first time.

Recently, we finished our first three programming assignments. In programming assignment one, our task was to input sales records from a file and place the data into parallel arrays. We worked either individually or in teams of two to answer three original questions regarding the data. The answers were then sent to an output file. PA2 was nearly identical to PA1 except that data was arranged in structs rather than parallel arrays and all work was completed individually. Finally, PA3 used the same data from the first two programming assignments, but this time our goal was to sort the data by alphabetical order and then output to file. Currently in class, we are working hard to prepare for the next two programming assignments – such a transformation from the beginning of the semester!

-Megan Wood



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