Capstone Experience: UA Athletics

Greetings from the UA Athletics Capstone Team! Our team is working with UA Athletics Compliance to simplify their management of requests for charitable donations, such as signed sports memorabilia, or athlete appearances. UA Athletics’ current way of accepting charitable requests is confusing and time consuming. It is inefficient in tracking when and who make charitable requests, and how each request is handled. UA Athletics Compliance also receives a lot of frivolous requests and would like to be able to prevent these from being made.

Our goal is to simplify this process through the introduction of a system that centralizes charitable request management. The system will act as a hub for all charitable requests to be used by UA Athletics Compliance to accept/deny requests, and generate reports on the activity in the system. Our team also wants to implement a solution to inform requesters of what an  acceptable request would be in order to educate and prevent anyone from submitting requests that do not meet the criteria for a charitable request.

After our last client meeting, we discussed how to move forward with the system development. We discussed the pros and cons of developing it using MVC 4 or SharePoint. While our team has had more experience using MVC, our client has expressed an interest in SharePoint. We researched benefits of both options with examples of those benefits, and plan to present our findings at our next client meeting.

-Jonathan Bush



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