Capstone Experience: P&G Team

The Procter & Gamble team consists of Rodney Blanding, Will Hall, Chris Honeycutt, Stephanie Mitchell, Ben Patrick, and Jason Simmons, and is led by Project Manager Alix Howell. Procter & Gamble is the world’s largest maker of consumer packaged goods; their products are in more than 180 countries and serve about 4.6 billion people. Procter & Gamble is currently implementing a Paperless In-Store Selling program, which allows sales associates to use an iPad to aid in their in-store selling and execution processes. The program is already delivering well against productivity and sales targets but the effective support of field users with mobile devices is bringing new challenges. Currently, users with issues call into a traditional IT help desk, even for minor issues; which is time consuming and does not always lead to a satisfactory resolution. This causes a detrimental loss of valuable in-field sales time. Our project’s goal is to recommend a solution that will allow sales associates to be self-supported when they face common issues using the Paperless In-Store Selling applications.

Our contact at Procter & Gamble, Dan Winchester, has been a great resource for the team so far. He has helped the team understand the future vision of self- service and the value it will provide P&G. Dan has also provided the team with a wealth of documentation and demos of current applications being used in the Paperless In-Store Selling process. The team is currently sifting through all of this information in order to better understand the Paperless In-Store Selling program. To aid in our understanding, we recently presented user scenarios to Dan. The user scenarios showed our understanding of current processes and our initial ideas for the future solution. The user scenarios were a big success. They created a lot of conversation and have provided the team with a clear vision of Procter & Gamble’s expectations. The team is excited to continue the project and ultimately find a self-service solution that increases the effectiveness of solving technical problems that sales associates run into.


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