Capstone Experience: BAM! Team

Well, a new semester is upon us once again and with it comes a new UA Capstone project. Our clients at Books-A-Million have expressed a need to update their existing Security Access Change Request (SACR) system to increase visibility regarding compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). After conducting initial research and gathering requirements, we proposed an architecture that includes functions such as improving the existing SACR form, having a hierarchy of department managers or
directors for the approve/deny process , modifying the current database to store and retrieve requests formatted by the application and individual employee access, and implementing a reporting tool for the auditing department. This proposed solution will be created using a C#/MVC web-based application using tools such as HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery.

To get the ball rolling, the project team conducted extensive research on BAM’s current systems, methods for compliance, and systems integration, while also reviewing sources and materials from past Capstone projects. This allowed us to gain knowledge about what these systems currently do, how they work, and the issues associated with each. Also, we produced a project charter that provides both us and the client with the statement of scope, outline of the project objectives, high level requirements, a preliminary delegation of roles and responsibilities and also defines the authority of the project manager. This document serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project.

After collecting research, we created a Solution Blueprint in order to break down and present a visual representation of the attributes and capabilities as they relate to the application, technology, architecture, business processes, and training/support for the clients. Another deliverable the we produced is a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). Simply stated, an RTM is a tool that allows our us and/or the clients to view various types of information pertaining to the flow of the project. This documentation includes the high level and product requirements, the status, a description of each and a priority level of high, medium, or low. By creating the RTM, we were able to isolate individual requirements to ensure success and help the client to better understand the outline we created.

Overall, our project with Books-A-Million is Rolling like the Tide to ensure a successful and efficient solution that will replace the current SACR system and increase visibility regarding compliance. As we move through the analyze phase and soon into the design phase, the BAM project team is diligently working to ensure a user-friendly solution and complete customer satisfaction.

-Emily Jackson


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