Capstone Experience: Nucor Team

Hello Readers!

The spring 2013 Nucor Steel team will implement a full life cycle developed application, the Chemical Composition Optimization Web Application, for their ChemLab metallurgists team. This application will replace a legacy app that generates chemistry averages from samples taken during the steelmaking process, detecting whether or not the composition of each steel batch meets customer expectations. Currently, the existing application has serious functionality issues, such as randomly crashing when accessing database information.

The team will utilize their technical skillsets to create the application in the MVC4 framework while applying our knowledge of C#, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, ODBC Connections, among others. The future application will:

• Eliminate all missing or faulty functionality in the current application
• Generate more accurate reports
• Act as an alert system for reports
• Log all user modification within the program
• Provide an Administration panel for an easier adjustment of report server destination, database connections and log file destination

Bottom-line, the values of adding this list of new functionalities are more accurate reports generated for their customers, an increase in internal communications within Nucor Steel, and optimizing the ease of use and functionality of the application, thus saving valuable time.

The Nucor Steel team this semester consists of Kevin Jenks, Spencer Livingston, Detrick McCray, Max Silliman, Frank Thompson and Project Manager Daniel Hendrix.


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