Capstone Experience: Bentley Team

Our project team this spring will have the pleasure of working with Bentley Systems; a global company that specializes in Computer Aided Design software solutions for large-scale infrastructure design, construction and operation. Through internal growth and acquisitions, Bentley has grown into the worldwide leader in infrastructure software solutions with over 3,000 employees in 45 countries. Throughout the project, our team will be focusing on Bentley’s flagship product, MicroStation. MicroStation is an information modeling environment designed specifically for architecture, engineering, construction and operation of many different types of infrastructure.

We will be working on a continuation of the Bentley CapEx project from last fall. The project consisted of an iPad application to allow easy access to important information. Our project this spring will further enhance this iPad application. The overall goal of the project is to reduce modeling costs during the operation and maintenance of facilities. Furthermore, the idea is to use photographic panorama to provide rich context to field personnel during these operation and maintenance activities. Also, we will be able to extend the life and usability of models by creating a virtual library of modeling information. Users can access facilities and their corresponding models by leveraging new, streamlined data in the existing mobile platform.

Bentley Systems has communicated their need for two application plug-ins that will be compatible within the MicroStation platform.

The first plug-in that our team is developing is called the EC Properties Painter (Engineering Content Properties Painter). This solution will allow users to “paint”, or link, specified properties onto any selected component within MicroStation. The addition is an excellent first step for the team and will help acquire the necessary technical skills that will be used in order to develop further applications in MicroStation.

The second plug-in that our team will be developing will enhance the value of utilizing photo panoramas in MicroStation models. Recently, Bentley has been experimenting with aligning panoramic photos with created models; immersing the user in 3-D models by providing a more detailed view. This brings a new
level of realism into the modeling process and lengthens the life cycle of models.

The biggest challenge that our team will be facing this spring will be learning new technologies and developing in different environments using the MicroStation SDK. To help overcome this challenge, Bentley is providing our team with resource training. The tutorials have been helpful thus far, and we have been able to collaborate with Bentley experts through live videoconferencing sessions. We have participated in three step-by-step demos to help us set up the developer tools and take us through the process of creating a project. Overall, the project will be a challenging learning opportunity for everyone involved. Stayed tuned to the next blog to see where the project is heading!


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