Capstone Experience: Lowe’s Team

Never Stop Improving. Saban’s words? Possibly. In this case, we are talking Lowe’s. This semester, we are working on the Lowe’s Mobility Project. The IT Innovation Team at Lowe’s works on testing and implementing the latest and greatest technologies and this semester we are working in tandem with them to create a proof of concept for a new and unique application.

What is it you ask? Well, we can only say so much. Here goes… we are developing a mobile application which will enhance the customer experience, allowing the customer to better envision a home improvement project of their dreams.

Thus far, we have nailed down our project charter- locking in our goals for the semester. Beyond that, we have worked on our user scenarios, process flows, and some detailed wireframes. On a more technical aspect, the team has been delving into some intense training to learn the nuts and bolts of the technologies we will be using to craft our application in the coming weeks.

The team is trucking along and the work has been rewarding. We are looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor, but we understand it won’t be a walk in the park (or in this case Lowe’s).

Stay posted for our next ambiguous update.

-Tommy Tofield


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