Capstone Experience-Meyer-Chatfield Team

The Meyer-Chatfield team: Kyle Bourgeois, Evan Brown, CJ Ellet, Nathan Wu, with Project Manager Raychel Martin, is working hard on a new project from a returning Fall 2012 client. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Meyer-Chatfield is a leading force in providing banks with Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and compensation advisory services. In order to provide world-class service to their clients, Meyer-Chatfield has multiple internal divisions dedicated to specific functional areas: Meyer-Chatfield Administrative Services, (MCAS), Compensation Advisors (MCCA), and Benefit Solutions (MCBS).

The Fall 2012 team had previously implemented SugarCRM, a Customer Relationship Management tool, to help Meyer-Chatfield better track client interaction. In the process, the team created a new Sales Cycle for Meyer-Chatfield to streamline all marketing practices, incorporating them into the SugarCRM solution.

This semester, the team has been tasked with building the non-functioning Campaign module into an advertising powerhouse. Using functionality such as target lists, email templates, and tracker URLs, Meyer-Chatfield will be able to send out specific, product- awareness campaigns to customers interested in any one of their products, thus providing the company with the ability to track interest and response. This will contribute to Meyer-Chatfield’s overall marketing goal: a customer-focused marketing approach. The combined projects will help Meyer-Chatfield increase product awareness amongst customers and decrease the total time it takes to step through the Sales Cycle from 3 years to 18 months.

-Evan Brown


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