Capstone Experience: Unum Team

The Unum team this semester consists of project manager Stephanie Kenaston and team members Brian Atchison, Jason Jones, Chae Lim, and Joe Rothwein. We have been tasked with migrating Unum’s leave management data from Excel spreadsheets to a cloud-based database hosted by The team will design the database layout and create a UI that enables non-technical Unum employees to access and manipulate the data without having to know SQL. The application will also
need to generate reports based on the data that Unum uploads.

A lot of our time so far this semester has been spent researching and it’s abilities and features. We have created a trial account on and built a barebones application that we can play around with. We’ve used mock data that we created to test the capabilities of, and we believe that we can meet all of the project requirements using At our upcoming client meeting, we will walk Unum through a demonstration of’s capabilities to ensure that it meets all of their expectations. In the upcoming weeks, we will complete a CCA examining Unum’s current
leave data management process, as well as create user scenarios that cover the expected tasks that the end application will complete.


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