Capstone Experience: 14PT Team

The 14PT team has been hard at work this semester with the continuation of a project from Fall 2012. Our team consists of Nic Rizzo, Caleb Weeks, Doug Packard, Jimbo Haneklau, and Daniel Paul. The Capstone Team is working with 14PT, a startup from Chicago, Illinois, on creating a web application. This application, called 14IE, will consist of an online interface facilitating communication between stakeholders in the NCAA evaluation process, potentially connecting hundreds of user institutions and providing quicker access and availability of vital eligibility information. The application decreases the time necessary for evaluation from weeks to a potential one-day turnaround.

At the beginning of the semester, the team inherited a prototype of the web application from the previous Capstone team, and is currently in the process of working to have the website ready for commercial deployment by the middle of February. Nic and Jimbo have been making updates to the user interface, while Caleb and Doug have been preparing and running extensive tests within the web application. This project has great potential, and the team is enjoying an exciting and engaging relationship with the 14PT team as they work together to provide the best possible solution to the users of 14IE.


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