Capstone Experience: P&G Mobility

Hi again from the P&G Mobility Team! This semester has been quite an experience as we got to work with people from around the world to pilot our chosen data visualization vendor. We recently finished up a pilot in Belgium and are wrapping up with the vendor evaluations in preparation for the delivery of our final recommendation to P&G. In addition, we are preparing for our final presentation. Because only one of our stakeholders from P&G is working from the U.S., we will be delivering our presentation via WebEx instead of making the drive to Cincinnati.

As a reminder, this semester, we created an in depth vendor assessment and paired with the chosen vendor to pilot the application. Our team members had the opportunity to work with upper-level management of the selected vendor to meet the needs of P&G. Next, we were responsible for transforming the raw data output files from P&G into a vendor-ready format. To make sure the project could continue after the hand-off, we have made training videos for the analysts to see how to prepare the data for the application and will have a training session for the analysts that will be taking over for our team. At first, we were going to create a user guide. However, we soon saw this would not be feasible because this document would easily have been over 1,000 pages.


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