Capstone Experience: The Home Depot

Hello again from the THD team! As we mentioned last time, we’re building an inactive inventory management tool to increase The Home Depot’s visibility to inactive SKUs. While we only have two weeks left in school, there’s a lot going on to wrap up our project. With one of the more technical Capstone projects, we’ve been in the build phase for about a month now. Using an agile approach, our build and test phases have overlapped so we’ve been testing our code throughout build to ensure its success.

We’ve have had to meet many development standards working with a company the size of The Home Depot. Almost anyone can build a website, but it truly takes a team with attention to detail to build an application to a company’s standards. One of our biggest challenges this semester was in adapting to Home Depot’s development environment. We’ve worked closely with representatives from the IT department who helped us with the learning curve.

We push our application to QA this week, and we’ll be on standby to resolve any bugs that are reported back to us. We’re also excited to return to the Store Support Center in Atlanta next week to present our work to our project sponsors as well as a few THD executives. Going through the whole life cycle of a project – from gathering requirements, to building, and now testing – has been very rewarding, and our whole team has a new understanding of project management.


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