Capstone Experience: Randall-Reilly

Now that we are wrapping up the final two weeks of this project, we feel that it would be beneficial to have a full circle view of what has happened and what we have accomplished. The team has made significant progress from our last blog post on October 25th. As of right now, we have developed a suitable data model for Randall-Reilly. In addition, we were tasked with the objective of designing and building a web-based dashboard for Randall-Reilly’s sales force. Presently, we have a functioning website that utilizes the users credentials to populate a list of customers, then the webpage displays various charts based off data being pulled from a database.

We had the unique challenge of having a customer with an existing environment known as a LAMP Architecture (Linux OS, Apache server, MySQL database, PHP). It goes without saying none of us had any prior experience with that sort of architecture. So while we are trying to produce a product for our client we were also learning on the fly. Regardless of this challenge we were able to pick up the LAMP Architecture rather quickly and get into the meat of the project, developing a usable webpage.

Throughout the next couple of weeks we will be moving towards putting the finishing touches on the website making sure all of the functionality is working and to add a few more goodies into the mix. When finishing up a project there are some extra deliverables to include. Such as internal and external binders, doing presentations and making sure everything transfers over smoothly.

I would say this is the most exciting portion of the project because this is where you get to see all your hard work and dedication come to fruition. Being able to present and hand-off a fully functioning product to a client is surprisingly rewarding. It’s like we are presenting Randall-Reilly with an early Christmas present.

It’s like…



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