Capstone Experience: P&G BI

Hello again from the P&G BI Team! Our last entry left you in suspense as to which path we were going to take in regards to moving forward with our project. To refresh your memory, we had three options:

1. Pursue project integration with 3rd party vendor
2. Collaborate efforts with internal team
3. Provide proof-of-concept application

We divided our team effort to cover each of the options so that we would be well-prepared regardless of which was chosen. A few members continued to look into 3rd party vendors while the rest of the team focused on developing a proof-of-concept application.

Following a demo of a 3rd party vendor’s product, we gained both the interest and support of P&G to continue in the direction of option #1. We also came across other internal members on P&G’s side who we could work with in a collaborative manner. So in regards to the project path chosen, you could say that we chose to pursue a combination of options #1 and #2.

As planned, we redirected all efforts to focus on the path(s) selected. We began to explore more and more into the viable 3rd party applications and started to ask more pertinent and detailed questions to both the 3rd party vendor and our newly discovered P&G resources. Our email correspondence picked up significantly as we took on the role as the middleman between our client and the selected 3rd party vendor. During the past month, we have all had a chance to improve our communication skills in the form of composing emails and actively participating in teleconferences.

With the term drawing to a close, we are preparing and polishing our final deliverables. We are excited to have the opportunity to travel up to Cincinnati next week to formally present our findings and recommendation to P&G stakeholders that we have been in contact with throughout the semester. Specifically for our team, project success will be determined by this presentation as well as handoff of a binder that will contain a 1-page recommendation, a white paper, and a copy of our final PowerPoint presentation.

The P&G BI Team has come a long way since August. Even though we have had some rough patches, we did not have any issues with morale or motivation. Our team has grown on professional and personal levels. Thankfully, we have had multiple opportunities to bond this semester with our group meals and team building exercises. I think this will benefit us as we embark on our 20-hour van-ride to Ohio and back (or at least that’s what I’m hoping).


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