Capstone Experience: Cliffs Natural Resources

We are working with Cliffs Natural Resources to develop a dashboard that the foreman will use to visualize absentees and manage shifts. Currently, the foreman manages the shifts by physically calling roll to determine who is present. Our dashboard will streamline all the necessary information to the foreman so that he can make quicker decisions regarding employees that are absent and need to be replaced.

Since our last blog post, our team has established the project requirements and finished designing the dashboard. We are currently in the build phase of our project, developing our web application with MVC.NET and C#. Throughout the build phase, we have been conducting testing on different components of our application and we will finalize testing after we finish development. We are excited to complete this phase of our project and present a finished and functional dashboard to our client.

Throughout this semester our team has achieved a better understanding of our client’s business. It is safe to say that our team had limited knowledge of coal mining prior to beginning this project. From researching and meeting with our client each week, our team has established a greater understanding of Cliffs’ current business processes and the mining industry as a whole. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to go on a mine tour and experience the foreman’s current process 1200 feet under the ground. It was also exciting to see where our application will be implemented and accessed. This was a very unique experience for a Capstone team and helped us to visualize the value our application will be adding to our client’s business.


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