Capstone Experience: Walmart

The UA-MIS Walmart Capstone team has continued to work with Walmart to develop a solution aiding the optimization of schedules for their corporate jets. We have successfully developed a working prototype to take flight requests, factor in several criteria, and produce an initial flight schedule. The prototype is being developed using C# and Windows Presentation Foundation with a SQL database. We are also utilizing a subversion repository for version control and to allow multiple team members to contribute code to the project.

One of the biggest challenges that the team has faced is difficulties in obtaining actual historical flight data, which would better allow us to test and benchmark our working prototype against their current manual process. We are currently testing the prototype using data that we have generated on our own, which is strongly based on their actual data, and have been making adjustments as needed to further make a more optimized flight schedule.

With the semester coming to a close shortly, we are finalizing our scheduler and working through the final closeout process for our project. Our team’s last mission for the semester is to prepare a final presentation to give to the Walmart Aviation department to demonstrate our working prototype and give suggestions for additions that a future UA-MIS team will work to complete.


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