Capstone Experience: Southern Belle

Hello again interested readers! This semester, as you may remember, the Southern Belle team has been tasked with an online resurgence of the Southern Belle brand, owned by our client, GoldOneEnterprises. To accomplish this, we will redesign their online store,, assess their e-commerce solution, known as Volusion, and develop a social media strategy that leverages their burgeoning social audience.

Currently, we are very close to launching the final overhauled portal. Along the way, we employed changes to their CSS and JavaScript via a JQuery plugin for the Slider. Sliders add a more dynamic and “modern” look to sites, but we found out that our client had no pictures with models to include in their sliders, and to overcome this challenge (and to escape the continuous documentation for a little while) the team decided to have a photo shoot! Members of our team took on fun “roles” (as you would normally do on a capstone project) such as “Artistic Director”, and “Talent Scout”. Other than the near frostbite inducing temperatures, the beautiful weather allowed for a fantastic time for the whole team, all the while we gave a deliverable to our client that certainly went “above and beyond”.

We are still in the process of constructing their e-commerce assessment, and the social media plan has been a positive departure from their previous activities. Now, they are actually building a relationship with their fan base, rather than just filling up their newsfeeds with what amounts to another commercial for T-shirts. Watching the whole project evolve from the initial planning stages to where it is today has been a truly rewarding experience for the team, and we can’t wait to launch the site on Monday, 19th! Roll Tide!


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