Capstone Experience: ThyssenKrupp

Since our last entry a lot has been accomplished. We have begun the benchmarking process, starting with the forum members that came to campus. We made contact reminder posters for the executives and also gave a signup sheet for their change manager’s contact information. A survey was also created in order to gather consistent feedback across all companies. As a part of the benchmarking process, we are comparing different company policies on Change Management and utilizing any valuable details that will aid in editing ThyssenKrupp’s policy.

In plans to provide ThyssenKrupp with an implementation guide, we have created a communication plan that consists of many different documents that will transition ThyssenKrupp to the new standardized Change Management process. The first step was to revise the process flows. We have documented specific areas where ThyssenKrupp can improve their current process to become more consistent with ITIL standards. Of course, we have detailed certain steps that are specific to ThyssenKrupp organization within the process. Additionally, we have created an awareness plan, training plan, continuous improvement plan, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help TKIT and its employees on the new process design.

The Training and Awareness plans go hand in hand. We have detailed steps that help employees understand what Change Management is, how it works within their organization, and the necessary steps to gain cultural acceptance. The Training plan details the different activities that can help employees understand Change Management. It includes, icebreakers, quizzes, one pagers, and slideshows all detailing different ways to train employees on Change Management.

Continuous Improvement and KPIs also go hand in hand because there has to be something to measure in order for the organization to improve. We are providing many different metrics that will enable TKIT to not only track the progress of the change, but also allow them to improve on areas that do not measure favorably. We are using the Deming Cycle for the continuous improvement plan which details the necessary steps to improving an organization’s processes.

As the implementation plan comes to completion, next steps for our team include a final comparison against ITIL and the requirements document, finalizing the presentation binder for TKIT executives, planning our onsite visit, and practicing our presentation for a sound handoff for TKIT to implement the new Change Management process.


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