Capstone Experience: Bentley Systems

As the semester has progressed, so too has the Bentley Systems project. Before we delve too deeply into what has changed, though, let’s quickly go over what is in place. As discussed in our last blog post, we were tasked with integrating external content into an existing 3D modeling application for the iPad. This would allow users to view pertinent information about specific components within a 3D model at the touch of a button. Additionally, we needed to incorporate existing Bentley platforms such as ProjectWise, a document repository, and enterprise Bridge, an asset management tool, into the application. As of this writing, these additions have been implemented successfully. So, what’s next?

Currently, the Bentley Systems CapEx team is focusing on implementing search functionality, allowing users to search the properties of all components within a 3D model. This allows the user to easily find an object without necessarily specifying exactly the property they would like to search. However, our team felt like it would be beneficial to allow users to search for properties specifically. We sat down as a team and talked over how exactly this would be possible, as there isn’t a standardized set of properties that a component must have. We decided that we should search the model for properties that most components have and allow users to specify which of those properties to search by. This functionality is in the testing phase, as we completed its implementation very recently.

The final hurdle for our project team involves actually selecting a component from search results and navigating to that component onscreen. To do this, we will have to implement new functionality allowing the camera to rotate to an angle showing the component. After rotating the camera, we will have to highlight the selected object and display it properties. Upon the completion of this functionality, our team will begin the last iteration of testing.


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