Capstone Experience: Cbeyond

The Capstone Team is having a blast this semester as it is coming to a close. Our Capstone Team has been working for a company named Cbeyond, a cloud and communications services provider for small and medium-sized businesses. As we continue to work on creating our solution for Cbeyond, we have found more requirements that will add value to our solution as well as refined our solution to directly impact our end users. We are creating a dynamic capability to the process of allocating the total work hours. Our solution will compare the hours associated with supply, or human resources, versus the IT organization’s current workload, which is the demand. Comparison of these two totals will help development leads calculate their capacity to take on new projects.

Our first iteration was due this past Monday. We conducted a solution walk-through with Cbeyond to show them our current solution and the progress we have made thus far. Iteration 1 is mainly the design of the solution now in HTML form. Our client was able to see the design and know how we as a team will accomplish building the application on the backend. This walk-through helped our client see the user will interact with the solution. We are really happy with our progress so far, and our client has been impressed with how we are matching requirements with functionality. After the walk-through, we documented the changes requested by our project sponsors and are moving to iteration 2. Through completing this we will have a fully functional application that will reach the requirements agreed upon. The team has enjoyed working on this project and with this client and we look forward to handing over a valuable solution.

-David Alexander


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