Capstone Experience: Lowe’s

Let’s talk about what kind of technology we use in our project. There are four main softwares we will use for our Lowe’s iPhone Solution: iOS 5.1, Omnigraffle, Xcode and Photoshop. First of all, since Lowe’s currently has more than 40,000 iPhones for use by store employees, we will create an iPhone application; During the analyze stage, we use two software to deliver high quality documentation, Omnigraffle and Photoshop. Omnigraffle is one of iOS tools for designing wireframe and business flowcharts; Photoshop is a graphics editing program we use to create high resolution images and buttons.We will be using Xcode to develop the front end of the application. Objective-C is the one of the dominate languages we will use to create the multi-screens application.

Because it is a Proof of Concept (POC) project, our team worked with the key stakeholders to identify new technology that we could use in our project. We setup the database by using MongoDB, an open source No-SQL database systems. MongoDB stores structured data as JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. Compared to relational databases, MongoDB stores an element of data in a document, and documents are stored in collections. One collection may have any number of documents. Therefore, the scalability and replication of database is good for real-time inserts, updates and queries. In order for our iPhone application to work online, we have to make our business logic available through the internet.

We are using an Apache web server to host our business logic and make it available for iPhone functionality. The Apache Tomcat web server has an application called Axis2 which allows us to connect to our database through a mobile environment. Axis2 supports JSON queries in order to access our MongoDB after passing through our business logic. Java plays the intermediary between database and business logic layer.

We have really enjoyed getting to learn all this new technology. Each team member is responsible for a different area of the project. As a team we try to teach our parts to the rest of the team members so that we are all exposed to the different programs and languages. The team will be traveling to North Carolina in December to present to the Lowe’s team and Executives.

-Yue Wu


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