Capstone Experience: Unum

October 12th was a very important day for the Unum “Think Tank” team, our on-site to Chattanooga. Getting to this point we encountered a lot of challenges such as gathering requirements, creating process flows, a master swim lane diagram, and a PowerPoint to give a high level project overview just as a few examples. Each of these documents have gone through several reviews before being ready to present causing headaches and long nights but everything was ready.

The onsite trip was very informative and helped the team with both the project and professionally. We started our trip by arriving in town about 9:30 local time, Just-In-Time for the Steelers/Titans game, great news for those of us who had fantasy football teams. We caught the game in a place called Taco Mac with the whole team and our Faculty Sponsor. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to make sure everything was good to go for our visit with Unum the next day and quickly ran through a couple presentations.

We woke, between 5-7:15, the following morning and left for Unum around 7:45. We were greeted by the project manager from Unum David Bishop. After going through introductions we went to a conference room with a few other project stakeholders and had a 2 hour meeting about what is going on currently with the project. We also had some great discussion around clarifying different things about the project with multiple stakeholders. Afterwards we went on a Customer Experience Tour to see what a new Unum customer would go through. We learned a lot about how Unum works with its core products including disability benefits and claiming these benefits. Then we had a lunch with several executives in the executive suite. This was a great networking opportunity and a good place to promote ourselves, the project, and the UA MIS program. Afterwards we had a meeting with David to clarify some of the ideas that were thrown around in the first meeting and answer any questions.


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