Capstone Experience: P&G Mobility

This semester our team is working with Procter and Gamble (P&G) on a truly global project. We have the opportunity to work with stakeholders from eight different countries to develop a data visualization recommendation for P&G. Currently, the P&G sales force staff uses data from excel to identify potential opportunities for improvement. The process of identifying areas of improvement can be very tedious and P&G reports many of the sales force representatives do not use these excel documents to their full potential. Thus, this semester, we are using key business questions developed by P&G to identify a third-party vendor to partner with in creating the desired intuitive data visualizations.

Thus far, we have worked with P&G to identify the application requirements and have developed a vendor scorecard to rank each of the vendors. Recently, we made a vendor recommendation and are currently in the process of piloting the application in two countries. Upon completion of the pilot, we will be identifying opportunities for improvement and determining if the business questions developed internally by P&G were effective in meeting the needs of the P&G sales-force.


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