AIMS: Nucor

Chris Bailey, Kyle Brites, and Mark Rundles are a part of the Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Information Technology team and talked to the UA MIS department about their company opportunities. Nucor Steel makes and sells coil plates and discrete plates. The Nucor Tuscaloosa IT world has 5 people. These items are created starting from scrap metal. The mill was acquired in Tuscaloosa in 2004. Nucor has 53 operating facilities in 27 different states, Canada, and Trinidad. The company has over 22,000 employees in which 2,200 are in the 5 mills in Alabama. Nucor is the largest aluminum recycler in the United States. The Nucor process begins with scrap and DRI and turns into length plate, discrete plate and coil plate. The shipping methods that Nucor uses to transport material are 78% truck, 20% rail, and 10% barge.

Nucor’s MIS projects include Raw Material Inventory Management System (RMIMS), scheduling excel workbook upgrades,, and claim and complaint application. RMIMS project tracks inventory from scrap and downloads orders, receipts, and invoices. The Excel workbook upgrades project includes creating XML to upload schedules’ and creates a cut sheet for teammates. The project created a website dot the Nucor mill of Tuscaloosa. The claim and complaint application project tracks claims and complaints made by customers. Nucor IT world includes 70 window servers, Cisco Phones system, three hundred Dell laptops/PCs, and uses software such as SharePoint, visual studio, and SQL. Currently, Nucor Tuscaloosa is looking MIS candidates’ to co-op in the spring.


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