Capstone Experience: UA Athletics

Since the last update, our team decided to build the solution by utilizing C# with MVC 4 architecture, SQL server, and Team Foundation Server. This was after carefully weighing the pros and cons of SharePoint development vs. development. In the end, we decided that our combined experience with C# and MVC, coupled with our lack or experience with SharePoint, meant the route would better suit our client’s need. Since then, we’ve dived into the build phase. We’ve run into a few problems coordinating the project with our client’s TFS server, and are still working through some issues involving connecting to our VPN and then to SQL server, but we’ve made good progress. We have several development milestones set throughout November, and our goal is to have the final build ready to deploy by December.

The ultimate goal of this project is to help our student-athletes with the process of interviewing and selecting an agent. Many athletes are confused about the rules surrounding this process, and are unsure of what they can and cannot do. Our solution will provide athletes with information on these rules by giving them access to short tips or quiz questions. The Compliance group will be able to add or change information as they see fit. In addition to educating student-athletes on Compliance, another goal is to provide them with easy access to agents. Athletes will be able to research agents and actually reach out to them, all through the solution. Providing athletes with a communication avenue to agents through the solution lets Compliance keep track of which athletes are speaking to which agents. This will allow Compliance to assist the athletes in setting up meetings and selecting an agent, as well as keep tabs on potential compliance issues and violations. We hope that our solution will make the entire agent selection process clearer and easier for Alabama’s student-athletes as they move on to their professional careers.


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