AIMS: Walmart

On Tuesday, October 30th, employees of Walmart took time out of their schedules to attend an AIMS meeting and speak with MIS students. Justin Simpson, a UA Alumnus who graduated less than a year ago, led the presentation and discussion. Justin provided us with extremely valuable information regarding the environment and corporate culture of Walmart. He also placed a lot of importance on the values that Walmart stands by.

Following the initial presentation, there was time for a brief question and answer session. Question and answer sessions of this type are typical of AIMS meetings, but are nonetheless beneficial for the students. These sessions are a prime opportunity for students to learn about opportunities for full-time employment and internship positions. The sessions also allow students to extract information about the challenges faced in the industry, and how one company is dealing with them. It was nice to have Justin, a recent graduate, in attendance so that he could reflect on how UA’s MIS program helped to prepare him for entering the workforce, and what current students have in store for them as young IS professionals


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